About the Bergstad family

We are a family with mum, dad and four kids. Ylva is 44 years old, she composes and perform music and works as a psychologist. Johan is 44 years old and he writes poetry, novels and books on mindfulness. He is the founder of Mindfulness Academy Scandinavia and works as a mindfulness instructor and psychologist. Tuva, 15, lives a vegan lifestyle and she loves singing, acting and horse back riding. Lo, 13 years-old, has recently developed a new website with photos from a drone. He enjoys weightlifting and adventures on his mountainbike. Vide is 10 years old and he is simply the best. Lion is 1 year old and inspires us to laugh a lot and stay satisfied. He has an extra chromosome that we call Up´s Syndrome.

Our next stop is Uluru, Australia.